Finding the best fit career with the best fit college can be a daunting task. Even the best athletes and business people in the world have coaches. Why not you? We focus on getting you ready for the next 40 years not just the next 4 years. Parents need direction so as to not destroy their retirement just trying to get their children through college. Students need direction to find the best fit marketable career based on their strengths, stress points, weaknesses and needs. We have solutions for both!

Call in Webinars every Thursday Night... Combat Ignorance with Applied Knowledge.. No cost to you... Simply fill in your information below and we will email you your link for the Webinar on college planning and is that simple

Convergence College Planning, LLC
Helping Students Help Parents

"If what you thought you knew about college planning turned out to be what point would you like to know about it?" It starts with knowing how to think.. not what to think....for a successful life click here...A Bug Free Mind.. How to think!!
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You can be assured of several things. You information is private with us, and never shared.  Secondly, since planning and  paying for college will be the most expensive time in your life, and maybe the most devastating, you will receive ongoing publications that are timely and have to do with educating you on what proper college planning is all about for you and your students. Thirdly, you will be entitled to a free one hour confidential  phone conversation  to determine if working with our firm will in fact be a good fit and solve the problems associated with a good college plan. We wish you all the best in this endeavor and we are here to make it the most effective and efficient for you. 

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